Schedule Issues Continue This Year

Tanika Thompson, Reporter

Issues with student schedules were a big problem last year. this year, in some ways it was even worse.

“So we had quite a flock of enrollment this year, we actually had a faculty meeting just this morning and we discovered that we are now the largest high school in the city, so we had um quite a few students just you know transferring from different schools in the city coming to the southeast,” head counselor Cherie Schnelle  said.

Schnelle says the problem mainly had to do with enrollment

“We can determine the problem came when we had such in addition of new students that didn’t go thru our pre enrollment selection so we had class built for the set number of kids that we were planning on and then we had several more hundreds of students that came that we weren’t planning on,” Schnelle said.

Many students feel frustrated by the schedule issues.

“I mean it’s kinda annoying really because the way they were dealing with it just seems kind of insignificant to me just throwing everybody in the auditorium” Max Moore’s said.

“the amount of children in here is making it impossible for anyone to get a decent schedule that they can enjoy and stick with.,” Joey Chapman said.

Counselors are hopeful that most schedule issues will be resolved soon.