Spring Sports Participation Numbers

Amyah Barnes, Reporter

Traditionally, spring sports have fewer students participating than others. If your interested in trying out there’s still time to do so.

The Golf team is relatively small when it comes to players. This particular sport does not require tryouts. Coach Kretz stated he is looking for six to twelve players per year.

“I think a lot of people think it’s a country club sport or sport just for rich people or something of that nature. It’s not, you know, it’s a sport you can learn and play the rest of your life. It’s free in high school, you know, students can play year round for free even during the offseason, in the summer. There’s a lot of unclaimed scholarships for golf.”

Kretz would like to encourage more people to come and try out each year. Golf is a sport made for everybody and Coach Kretz would like to help more students learn how to play. 

“I just wanna encourage anybody to come try out or come play. Like I said, you want to try out there, just come out and show up and you know, I’ll teach everything.”

Soccer is a more active sport that requires a tryout. Head soccer coach Fitch expects about 100 people to try out each year.

“It would help tremendously to have more people trying out because we would have a higher interest level, more girls to choose from and more competitive teams,” Fitch said.

Assistant track coach Christopher Hughes is looking for about 50 to 100 students to try out, to gain more competitors. Having more individuals can help the team compete to win entire track meets. 

“It can be difficult to recruit kids to run track because it is not a sport when you can hide and people don’t see you. Everyone can see that you won or lost.  It is an individual sport where the true competition is between the athlete and themselves. That can be a discouraging situation for some,” Hughes said.

 If your intesested, stop by the athletics office or speak to one of the coaches.