Christopher Do, Reporter

Throughout last year the southeast theater crew couldn’t do any live performances but this year they are bringing the performances back starting with Gretel.

“Gretel is about the story before Hansel it’s kind of like a folk tale,” crew member Tanner Minette (12) said.

“Gretel is this little girl, she’s around 10 years old and she’s just trying to get around and trying to help her family out and gets in a bunch of issues and challenges along the way,” actress Jasmine Meza (11), who plays “Gretel,” said.

During performances, the theater crew still have some protocols they have to follow.

“So during backstage if we’re not on the stage we have to wear these black masks but on stage we can take our masks off but once we go backstage or like offstage we have to put our mask back on,” student director Aniyah Redd (12) said.

But what has the experience been like working on Gretel?

“It’s been really good we’ve all put a lot of work into this show it’s also, we’ve had stressful times but overall I think this has been one of the easiest shows to rehearse and perform besides the backdrops because we didn’t get a background until Monday but other than that it’s been pretty good,” actress Sienna Cope (11), who plays “Baba Yaga,” said.

“It’s been a little challenging since we have been off there, some people haven’t been on stage since two years ago or maybe we haven’t even been on stage at all so it’s been a little bit of a challenge trying to get everybody to adjust and everyone would like getting lines down and like props used and like, we have all new crew so there’s only like one person on each lights and sound that know what they are doing, so it’s been a real learning experience for every especially people who are new to this school,” Meza said.

Stay on the lookout for more performances from the Southeast theater crew later this year.